The Lady in the Tower: The fall of Anne Boleyn Podcast

The British Library has made available some fantastic podcasts associated with the ‘Henry VIII: Man and Monarch’ exhibition. The latest one added to the collection is a talk by historian Alison Weir in which she discusses Anne Boleyn’s imprisonment and execution. This is in connection to her next book titled ‘The Lady in the Tower: The Fall of Anne Boleyn’.

You can also learn about intimate details of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII’s relationship revealed in messages inscribed in Anne’s Book of hours.

For a full list of podcasts visit the British Library.

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  1. Disappointed that this link doesn’t work. Any advice for accessing this podcast, and others like it, would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hello Natalie,
    I stumbled across this site and discovered the Alison Weir podcast (2009) about Henry VIII and his wives, her latest book about Ann Boleyn’s execution etc. However, it won’t work and I noticed another recent (2012) message to you asking the same thing. You mentioned that you had done another link but I am still unable to access it. I would so love to hear any of these talks especially a I have already most of the books by Alison Weir, who is an amazing historian. Can you please help?
    Many thanks,
    Denise Robbins

  3. Hi Denise,

    It’s a little strange, as the link works for me. Hmm, try this link:
    Hope that works for you!

  4. Jaydene says:

    Hi, Natalie
    I was just listening to the podcast and was wondering if you know where to find the transcript for it? I am currently doing a project on Anne Boleyn for Year 12 History Extension and the transcript would be so much better for me to look at than just listening.
    Thankyou Jaydene

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