The Early Loves of Anne Boleyn by Josephine Wilkinson

The Early Loves of Anne Boleyn by Josephine Wilkinson

Having never read one of Josephine Wilkinson’s books before I was unsure of what to expect.  I quickly discovered that her work is well researched and based on evidence but it is by no means as detailed as the work of Eric Ives or Alison Weir. In saying this, I should clarify that I did find a couple of historical inaccuracies in the work. Wilkinson does though offer an interesting insight into Anne’s time spent with the Archduchess Margaret and the young Queen Claude and the life long impact that these women had on her.

We also get a glimpse into the lives of James Butler, Thomas Wyatt and Henry Percy and of their respective connections to Anne. Wilkinson examines the rumours that surrounded Anne’s relationships with these men and the evidence that exists to support or refute these claims.

I would not recommend this as a staring point for researching Anne Boleyn as it focuses on her relationship with the above men and is therefore not an in depth account of her life. On the other hand, if you’re familiar with Anne’s life but are looking for some details about her relationships prior to marrying Henry VIII then you will enjoy this book.

It also contains 34, mostly coloured pictures of different Tudor personalities and places. Of particular interest to me is a picture of London, as Anne Boleyn would have known it.

Josephine Wilkinson is an author and historian who lives in York. She is the author of Mary Boleyn: Henry VIII’s Favourite Mistress and also a two -volume biography of Richard III.

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