Anne Boleyn’s Marriage to Henry VIII

Anne Boleyn, Hever Castle

There is so much that is unknown, controversial or debated about the life of Anne Boleyn that once she captures our imagination, and heart, there is no escaping her. It’s the mystery that I believe fuels the fire. The need to ‘know’ Anne as best we can, to discover what she looked like, to understand her decisions, her actions and the world, the very different world, in which she lived.

And we must never forget that very important fact, she once lived. It might seem like a silly thing to say but I think at times we read so much about historical figures that they cease ever having been a living, breathing and thinking human being and instead become a character in a book, a modern person dressed in fancy costume.

Anne was a Tudor woman. An intelligent, determined, charismatic, witty, courageous Tudor woman who after almost 500 years still has the ability to provoke such strong feelings and emotions and the ability to polarize people.

I hope she never ceases to be a person of immense interest and inspiration because although Henry VIII attempted to delete her from history, we must keep her alive.

Let’s now look a major turning point in Anne’s life story – her marriage to King Henry VIII.

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