A Who’s Who of Tudor Women and more!

I wanted to bring to your attention some fabulous resources that I have recently discovered. The first is ‘A Who’s Who of Tudor Women‘ a compilation of mini-biographies of women that lived at least part of their life between 1485-1603.

Kathy Lynn Emerson has written all the entries herself using a variety of historical documentation and online genealogies.

Kathy also has information on Titles used in Tudor times and an excellent list of Women at Court.

The list is organised by Household and includes information on the ladies that served each of Henry VIII’s wives, his daughters and his mother.

Another very useful resource is ‘Ladies of Honour in the Reign of Elizabeth I’ written by Maggie Secara.

Blanche Parry

It is also thanks to Maggie that I recently discovered ‘Blanche Parry’, a website dedicated to this often neglected woman who was the Chief Gentlewoman of Queen Elizabeth I’s Privy Chamber and Keeper of Her Majesty’s Jewels.

I think this should keep you busy for a little while! Be sure to let me know if you know of any other useful resources or websites.

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  1. Lovely to see Blanche’s picture – please note she is Blanche not Blance above!!!!
    Lady Troy would be of immense interest to your readers too.

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