A Love of Books

My husband has just surprised me with two new books for my Tudor library! It’s not my birthday, our anniversary or any other day where pressies might be expected and so it makes the gesture all the more special.

He understands not only my love of all things Tudor but also my love of books! I love the smell of books (both old and new), the feel of the pages between my finger-tips, the excitement of reading the opening line, the anticipation of what’s to come, the ‘friends’ I make along the way, the ‘enemies’ I love to loathe and the satisfaction of turning the last page knowing that I’ve come to the end of another journey.

I love the thought of curling up with a good book and losing myself in the pages.

Apart from reading books, I love to display them; on bookshelves, bedside tables, anywhere where they can be stacked!

Sometimes I just look at the covers and dip into the pages for inspiration or research and in the case of my non-fiction books, I love to flick through the illustrations.

Images of portraits, artefacts, letters and buildings transport me to a different time – a Tudor time.

My books are precious to me because not only are there stories within the books but there are also tales to tell about where I purchased or received the books. Some in vintage shops in Sydney, others in various book stores in England during my ‘Tudor Pilgrimage’ trip and many were gifts from loved ones that know me best.

My husband’s gesture inspired me to photograph some of my books, including the new additions, and share them with you.

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  1. Oh Natalie this is so beautiful! What a wonderful collection of books you have gathered – but more than just the books what meaning and great treasures they are to your life! And you have a very loving and thoughtful husband!

  2. What envy! The books I ordered slow to arrive here in Brazil, besides being expensive, and only seven have translated to portuguese.
    But one day I will still have as many Tudor books as you *0*

  3. Jacqueline says:

    I also have a bookcase dedicated to my Tudor book collection!! I actually need to buy another bookcase because I have so many.

  4. Jacqueline says:

    I also have a bookcase devoted to my Tudor book collection, I need to buy another one because I’ve ran out of room!

  5. How lovely! I feel the same way about books…the smell, the feel…I love them, but I must say, I don’t have NEARLY the collection, but it gives me something to shoot for! I am so excited to have learned about this site – people from all over the world connected by the fascinating Tudors. I’m in rather secluded Idaho, so this is very exciting for me!

    • Welcome Kelly! It is so lovely to have you join us On the Tudor Trail! Make sure you enter our ‘Remembering Anne’ competition for your chance to win Eric Ives’ ‘The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn’, the best full length account of Anne’s life 🙂

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