Retha M. Warnicke interviewed by Showtime

In June 2010, Retha M. Warnicke, history professor at ASU, was interviewed by Showtime for their hit television series “The Tudors”.

I thought you might be interested in watching the interview.

Some of Warnicke’s theories are controversial, in particular her theory about Anne Boleyn’s downfall. Warncike believes that something was horribly wrong with the foetus that Anne miscarried in January 1536, leading Henry to believe God was punishing her for sexual crimes.

I do not agree with Warnicke’s theory about Anne’s downfall but I still think it is worth hearing all sides of the argument.

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What are your thoughts?

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  1. Michele Young says:

    I truly disagree with this woman on the issue of Anne Boleyn. She may have been flirtatious for she spent her formative years at the French court where “love talk” was part of their daily life as courtiers. It was part of her appeal to Henry, but she was not stupid! The charges against her were ludricrous! I am RH negative and I really think she was the same. Those babies had no chance of survival after Elizabeth and thus this poor woman was doomed to die at the hands of men with an agenda. There is also no proof that the last child was deformed. That salacious theory came about later from her Catholic enemies. Her downfall was not only tied to her inability to deliver a boy to that bloated, egotistical tyrant, but also her advocacy of the reform movement of the church.

  2. Thanks for sharing this interview Natalie. I don’t get Showtime and probably never
    would have seen it~

  3. Thanks for posting this Natalie–I had not seen it. I don’t really buy into the “horribly deformed fetus” theory either, but I do think that Henry honestly believed Anne had cheated on him, though not to the extent for which she was charged.

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