Tudor Talk – Meet ‘Elizabeth Tudor’

ERITudor during her "Elizabeth Addresses the Troops at Tilbury" program.

As you may be already aware, this year I added a new section to the site called ‘Tudor Talk’ where I share my interviews with people who are experts in various fields of Tudor history and/or who on a daily basis are immersed in the sixteenth century for work or pleasure.

Today I am delighted to share with you an interview with Ashlie Jensen, who runs a website called ‘Being Bess‘ dedicated to the celebration of the life and reign of Elizabeth Tudor, Queen Elizabeth I of England.

Ashlie is employed in Museum Education and regularly performs first-person interpretations of Elizabeth Tudor. She has dedicated her life to bringing Elizabeth and her legacy to modern audiences and is incredibly knowledgable and passionate about her work.

I would like to thank Ashlie for being a part of On the Tudor Trail and for responding to my questions in such a detailed and sincere manner. Her enthusiasm and love of the sixteenth century are clear.

Read our full interview here.

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