On the 7th day of Christmas…

On the seventh day of Christmas On the Tudor Trail gave to me… the chance to win a copy of ‘Le Temps Viendra: A Novel of Anne Boleyn’ volume II by Sarah Morris.

To be in the running to win ‘Le Temps Viendra’ Volume 2, leave a comment after this post.

Conditions of Entry

For your chance to win a copy of Le Temps Viendra Volume II, you must be subscribed to On the Tudor Trail’s newsletter (if you are not already, sign up on our homepage where it says ‘Free Enewsletter Subscription’).

Then simply leave a comment after this post between now and 26 December 2014. Don’t forget to leave your name and a contact email. Please note that I have comment moderation activated and need to ‘approve’ comments before they appear. There is no need to submit your comment twice.

This giveaway is open internationally.

One winner will be randomly selected and contacted by email shortly after the competition closes. Please ensure you’ve added natalie@onthetudortrail.com to your address book to avoid missing my email.

Good luck!

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Book Description

Anne is a young twenty-first century woman in the midst of a life-long love affair with the 16th century and the enigmatic Anne Boleyn.Having been taken ill during a visit to the British Library, for the second time, she is catapulted back 500 years and into the body of her heroine. From the zenith of Anne Boleyn’s power and influence, the modern day Anne experiences, with poignant intimacy, the exhilarating days of Anne Boleyn’s marriage to Henry VIII.

Read my review of Le Temps Viendra Volume 1 here.

Read Claire Ridgway’s review of Le Temps Viendra Volume 2 here.

Visit Sarah’s website here.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for your chance to win a copy of ‘The Six Wives & Many Mistresses of Henry VIII’ by Amy Licence.

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  1. Michele DeVries says:

    This looks like a great book to read! Would love to win! Fingers and toes are crossed.

  2. Meredith Vaughn says:

    Hoping to win! I wonder if the protagonist will try to change history?

  3. I have read really good things about this book!! I would love to read it!

  4. There are are so few authors that I have trusted to write about Anne Boleyn and even fewer who have fulfilled this trust. My primary concern when it comes to fictional representations of Anne is how polarised the author is willing to make it. I find that when people are polarised, they become caricatures of who they really were and it also denies the fact that everyone is made up of complexities and contradictions. However, Sarah Morris is an absolute gem and it is clear from her work that she has a rich understanding and connection with Anne. I could not put down the first volume of Le Temps Viendra and certainly, I could never sing enough praises about it either. I feel like this is one of the few literary representations of Anne that captures her so completely. It is a true treat of a novel. So yes, fingers crossed.

  5. Have been following this book from the start and wanted to read it for a while! Great contests!

  6. katie skeoch says:

    Fingers crossed, love historical fiction with a paralell to modern times

  7. Bonnie Malmat says:

    This would be a good one to win. Please enter me in the giveaway.

  8. This looks wonderful — fingers crossed to win!

  9. It is always good to have another Anne Boleyn related book to look forward to reading. I`m sure this one won`t disappoint ,it has all the elements that hook us Tudor fans in .

  10. Celia Guzman says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to receive a copy of this book. I have been in love with all things to do with the Tudors since my mom introduced me to her collection. Thanks so much for the chance to win! I cannot wait to one day visit “Tudor England” but for now maybe this book could shed a little light on the past!

  11. Clau Minnig says:

    Tudor historical fiction, who wouldn’t want this book!!! Even if I don’t win it, I’m sure I’ll end up purchasing it to read soon! Tudor era is by far my most favorite era in history

  12. Daniela Sinatra says:

    Holy Hell! who WOULDN’T WANT TO WIN this novel??? Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!
    Please? Pretty Please?
    (I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand to see a grown woman beg…ok PLEASE~!!!!!)

  13. Daniel Gomez says:

    Love the site! It’s very informative. Hope to win, but good luck to everyone!

  14. Andres Deniz says:

    I think what your doing is really great, promoting the Tudor dynasty which is probably the greatest era in English history, full of passion, strength, pride. Thank you i will enjoy this website.

  15. Schuinemann H. says:

    Anne Boleyn has always fascinated me. I cannot imagine living her life, or dying her death.
    I´m crossing my fingers
    Thanks Natalie

  16. Bertilde F. says:

    I always find myself reading anything I can get my hands on when it comes to the Tudors. The intrigue and the passion that if you take the time to read about can teach us so much about history and the lives and loves of all the individuals.

  17. I’m so glad I stumbled across your site. It’s been intriguing reading more deeply into the Tudor reign. I’ve been deeply interested for years, and have a nightstand full of books to confirm it! Thanks for sharing with us.

  18. Intriguing! I’d love to win this book!

  19. This sounds like a great way to introduce my granddaughter to my interest in Anne Boleyn

  20. Ludmila Gonzalez says:

    Hi!, I´m from Argentina and I would love to win a copy of this book. Nowadays it is really difficult to find this kind of good books to read here. I´m a Pharmacist. but since I was a child my Mother encourage me to read, She is a History teacher, and we both love the Tudor period. Thanks for giving us the chance!

  21. Guille Espinola says:

    This is one Anne Boleyn book that I have been wanting to read!!

  22. Ines Eusebi says:

    What an interesting read this souds like. I will have to check it out — I love time travels and English history!
    A wonderful combination!

  23. Milagros Gonzalez says:

    Been wanting to read this book for a while. I read many reviews on this book and it sounds amazing another book to the list of book to read.

  24. Tomeo Ariadna says:

    This book sounds a lot different then the other books about Anne Boleyn. I’d really like to read this book. I’ve always thought of how it would be if I could go back in time and step into someone else’s life. I love the fact that this book does just that!

  25. Susana Rodriguez says:

    Would really really really want to win this lovely book,im dying to read it.hope you make me the most happy xxx

  26. I have the first book and I absolutely loved it! I really liked the twist in the story with Modern day Anne and 16th century Anne Boleyn. It was enjoyable and full of historical facts. It grabbed me right away. I can’t wait to read the second book!

  27. TAMMY CUEVAS says:

    Time travel AND Anne Boleyn?!? Yes, please!

  28. Michael Carson says:


  29. Lila Bruacini says:

    Who wouldn’t want to read about Anne Boleyn?

  30. Now THAT would be something….sounds fun!

  31. Love that cover, another great giveaway, thanks.

  32. interesting

  33. Tammy Lewis says:

    What an original take.

  34. Travelling in time + Being in Anne Boleyn’ shoes? I’m in all the way! It apppears to be a marvelous journey right from the start to the very end. Maybe I’ll even get my boyfriend to read it with me, that would be awesome seeing as I keep talking about Anne non stop for few months.

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