How to be a Tudor by Ruth Goodman

As a TV presenter Ruth Goodman shows such enthusiasm for her subject that you cannot help but be drawn into it – it is quite infectious! This also translates into her books, and you are gripped from the first chapter.

Ruth is an expert on social history with an emphasis on ‘ordinary’ people which is why her books are so interesting.

This book is as per its title ‘A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Everyday Life’ from early rising to bedtime – it describes the different elements/tasks of daily life for the ordinary Tudor. What makes this book different is the fact that the author has also ‘lived’ some of these tasks and activities such as sleeping, washing, ploughing, creating ruffs, making/baking bread and dancing with surprising results.

It is very well researched, detailed and full of interesting facts. Also, where there is limited historical information to draw on, the author gives us a possible logical reasoning which allows the reader to have a better understanding.

This book is keeping ‘history alive’!

I would recommend this book to any Tudor fan as it offers great insight into how the ordinary person lived.

By Rachel Green


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