On the Sixth Day of Christmas – Book 2

On the sixth day of Christmas On the Tudor Trail gave to me the chance to win a copy of The Survival of the Princes in the Tower by Matthew Lewis.

To be in the running to win this book, leave a comment after this post.

Conditions of Entry

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This giveaway is open internationally.

One winner will be randomly selected and contacted by email shortly after the competition closes. Please ensure you’ve added natalie@onthetudortrail.com to your address book to avoid missing my email.

Good luck!

Find Out More

Click here to read Matthew’s guest article, where he explores the question, “Who, if anyone, killed the Princes in the Tower?”.

Book Synopsis

The murder of the Princes in the Tower is the most famous cold case in British history. Traditionally considered victims of a ruthless uncle, there are other suspects too often and too easily discounted. There may be no definitive answer, but by delving into the context of their disappearance and the characters of the suspects Matthew Lewis examines the motives and opportunities afresh as well as asking a crucial but often overlooked question: what if there was no murder? What if Edward V and his brother Richard, Duke of York survived their uncle’s reign and even that of their brother-in-law Henry VII? There are glimpses of their possible survival and compelling evidence to give weight to those glimpses, which is considered alongside the possibility of their deaths to provide a rounded and complete assessment of the most fascinating mystery in history.

Click here to visit Matt’s history blog.

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  1. Would LOVE this book was gna but on Amazon

  2. Denny Super-Witwer says:

    I am a huge anglophile! I this book looks great would love to add it to my collect. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!

  3. an enigma! weren’t there bones found in the Tower thought to be those of the young princes?

  4. This would be a great read!

  5. champaklal lad says:

    gret prize

  6. Looks interesting thank you for the chance

  7. I have been wanting to read this book forever! I’m still not sure who I think killed them. Sad but fascinating mystery!

  8. Erin Engel says:

    Just read the description and am very excited about this title. Interested in reading Lewis’s argument.

  9. Looks like a fascinating book!

  10. Fascinated by the princes in the tower. I would love to win this.

  11. Marti Brown says:

    Love Tudor History!! Hope to read this book. I have always hoped that they escaped.

  12. Happy Christmas.. <3!

  13. Thank you for a chance to win this Book, I have always been very interested in what happened to them..

  14. Emma Pooley says:

    Interesting!! I do love a good Tudor mystery

  15. Bonnie Malmat says:

    Poor little guys.

    Enter me in this one, please.

  16. Oh my, I’d love to read this story. I read many others – this one is missing. Poor kids. They had no idea. How scared they must have been,

  17. Deanna Guadagno says:

    Would love to read this!!!

  18. valerie rutherford says:

    Absolutely fascinating, thank you for writing. A brilliant read I would love to have for the long winter nights.

  19. Anne Neale says:

    Would love a copy I’ve always wondered about these princes and there so little out there

  20. Oohh this is a must have! Poor boys. I think we will never know what really happened to them..

  21. Rachel Colclough says:

    Yes please

  22. I wonder what modern day policing would have uncovered about this mystery if it had been available at the time?

  23. A sad sad story… 🙁 I would love to read this!

  24. Marilyn Holley says:

    I have wanted to read this book. I love mysteries. And this is one of the biggest mysteries of that time.

  25. Margaret Lewis says:

    Would love to know if there was a possibility they survived.

  26. I have pondered over who could have killed them but I cannot understand why Elizabeth Woodville did not cause a fuzz over their disappearance perhaps she knew they were alive. Intriguing.

  27. Michae Griffin says:

    Who was really the villain

  28. This has been on my Amazon wish list since I read Lewis’ article here last summer, so winning a copy would be awesome!

  29. Reymie Lum says:

    The princes in the tower is a fascinating topic for me. I love Edward IV and Elizabeth woodville

  30. What happened to these 2 boys trapped in the middle of this deadly powered struggle is additive just as is Who was Jack the Ripper, both have lots of theories which are brilliantly put together and fascinating to read

  31. I would love this book! I actually wrote a little paper for my history class arguing for the fact that 1 or both boys survived!!!

  32. Charisse Lewis says:

    Sure would like to win it! Good Luck to us all.

  33. Rikihana Watson says:

    This would be a fascinating read! I’m happy just to be able to take part in the competition
    Fingers crossed! 🙂

  34. Christine C. says:

    Thank you for the opportunity, and happy holidays to all!

  35. Wendy Ahl says:

    I would love to know more about the theory that the Princes weren’t murdered at all.

  36. Rachael Dickson says:

    Oh I definitely want to read this.

  37. Deana Sanders says:

    I recently read a review of this that has me intrigued.

  38. Love it!

  39. Lina Andersson says:

    I’ve missed this book. Would love to read it.

  40. Trudi Porter says:

    wow! would love to read this.

  41. Mindy Apel says:

    This would be a fantastic book to add to my collection!

  42. Liz Hornsby says:

    I think at least one of the boys survived and there is no proof of murder as far as I’ve heard. Would love this book.

  43. Poor little Princes in the Tower. I think everyone would love to think they survived. Sounds interesting.

  44. Would love to read this!

  45. Rachel Colclough says:

    Would love to read this

  46. Have always been interested in the princes in the tower and what happened to them

  47. Jayne Watkin says:

    I have always wished that the young princes survived. I would love to read this perspective.

  48. It is true Richard III put the boys in the tower but I suspect that Richard III may not have murdered his nephews I believe it was another Tudor propaganda story. The story that the boys had disappeared did not come to light until Henry VII was on the throne and by then Richard was long gone. Henry and his mother Margaret Beaufort had more to gain by having the boys killed and both her nephew Buckingham and her third husband Lord Stanley were custodians of prisoners in the Tower. Neither man had ever been considered loyal and had changed loyalties on at least two previous occasions. It was in their best interests to blame Richard. But did the boys actually die in the Tower or did Elizabeth Woodville pay someone to take them out secretly and hide them? I’d love to read more about this conspiracy.

  49. Could this be true? Sounds like a very interesting book and I would like to read it!

  50. Laetitia Donoso says:

    I’ve been wanting to read this book for a very long time! I woulda love to win this.

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