In this section you will find a list of abbeys and churches with a connection to Anne Boleyn.

St Peter’s Church Hever

Waltham Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Winchester Cathedral



  1. Is there nothing in Greenwich worth seeing, obviously the Tudor Palace doesn’t exist, but surely visiting the place that was so central to Tudor Britain is important? I believe there is a plaque between the Royal Naval College and Trafalgar pub that acknowledges the site of the Palace and that it was teh birthplace of Henry Viii, elizabeth and Mary.

    Woolwich (in Royal borough of Greenwich) has many ties to Tudor Britain. Henry VIIIs flagship the Great Harry was built at the Kings Docks, the dry docks still exist (by Woolwich ferry). At the Royal Artillery Museum is a canon from the Mary Rose. Across the square from that museum is the Old Military Academy, that was the Warren Estate, Tower House, a stately home owned by the ancestors of Anne Boleyn (built in 1545).

    • Jerman, the Discover Greenwich Visitor Centre is wonderful, and yes, there is a plaque marking the site. Here’s the link:

      • Didn’t see any links to Greenwich, in places connected to Ann Boleyn.

        The sad thing about Greenwich council is that all they see is Greenwich as a tourist cash cow and all the outlying towns and their history as unimportant. With the current regeneration of Woolwich, and the money that must that been generated there was a great opportunity to have some kind of museum marking the history of Woolwich Arsenal, the Royal Docks (established by Henry VIII in 1512) and the Munitions, but sadly all the land that the MOD once owned 1300 acres will be flats.

        I’d recommend anyone to visit the Firepower Museum in Woolwich before it closes on 30th June 2016.
        The Mary Rose canon that was salvaged in 1836 is a highlight, and will be in storage for foresable future as there are no plans for a new museum before 2020.

  2. Norma Postin says:

    There is a large silver cup and cover that belonged to Anne Boleyn in the parish church of Cirencester . The cover is topped by a falcon.

  3. John Burges says:

    Hello Jerman,
    If you haven’t already visited Eltham Palace – Henry VIII’s childhood home – and only a mile or so South-East from Greenwich, it is worth a look.

    The Great Hall is still there (renovated as a condition of the Courtaulds building their house there) and worth the trip – very nice Hammer-Beam roof.

    As a bonus you get the Courtauld’s Art-Deco house to look over – a wonderful style, sadly missed – and gardens.

    And within a hundred yards of Liverpool Street Main Line Station you have the site of the Austin Friars, where Thomas Cromwell was living while prosecuting the Kings case against Anne.

    Keep well

  4. maybe a bit late but there is a beautiful carved screen in kings collage Cambridge donated by Henry with his and Anne’s initials on

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