Anne Boleyn Places

On the Tudor Trail is dedicated to retracing the steps of Queen Anne Boleyn. Like an exercise in time travel, this journey will take us through stately homes, chapels, parks and buildings- hidden treasures- that still stand today with a significant Tudor connection. It is also a space for sharing information about the Tudor monarchs and daily life in Tudor England, a place to discuss the ways in which the lives of historical figures from half a millennium ago still resonate powerfully with so many of us today. The focus will be on the reign of Henry VIII and the life of his second wife Queen Anne Boleyn, as I yearn to better understand their relationship and form a more detailed picture of the events that culminated on Tower Green, May 19th 1536.

So join me- on the Tudor Trail.



  1. I would love to be given the chance of winning the valentines day book giveaway, as it looks amazing! I am a huge reader of historical fiction and adore Anne Boleyn and love to read anything that is related to Tudor history.

    I would be so greatful if i could be entered into this competition. xxx

  2. missy anderson says:

    what a wonderful idea!! count me in! thank you for your hard work

  3. jacquelyn says:

    I’d love to read any info I’m 21 and actually want to go to school to be a history professor or archeologist I’d love any info you have on Anne Boleyn and queen Mary, Elizabeth, Catherine of Aragon the real queen of England but also how Henry fell in love so much that mistress wasn’t enough in that time was it just the queen part or being so in love …

  4. Brenda Wortley says:

    I have been interested in our country’s rich history from being a child when my father took me all around London visiting all the historic sites when on visits to my relations in London. Particularly the Plantaganets and the Tudors, I can’t get enough of them! Any information about any events or societies would be most welcome.

  5. Patricia Thompson says:

    Count me in I have always been in love with the TUDORS, I have been to Hampton Court Palace several times and enjoy it very much,I also have wonder why Anne Boyle could not have any more children from Henry V111I believe it was Henry fault there was something wrong with his blood he could make male baby’s but for some reason they would die HOW LONG DID MARY BOYLENS BOY LIVE ,JANE’S SON WAS A SICKELY

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