Palaces and Houses

In this section you will find a list of palaces and houses with a connection to Anne Boleyn.

Acton Court

Blickling Hall

Carew Manor

Chateau de Amboise

Château de Blois

Eltham Palace and Gardens

Ewelme Manor

Hampton Court Palace

Hotel de Cluny

Little Sodbury Manor

Palace of Mechelen

Pashley Manor

Rochford Hall

Shurland Hall

St. James’ Place

The Old Palace Hatfield House

The Vyne

Westminster Hall




  1. I think that you missed Hever in your list of houses with connections to A.B.

    • They did! Hever is great although much of the focus is (well, used to be when I went there many years ago) on the Astor family.

  2. If you visit Eltham Palace, I recommend a trip to Well Hall Pleasance and the Tudor Barn, about half a mile down the hill from the Palace in Eltham.
    I was the home of Thomas Mores daughter, and he stayed there when he visited Henry VIII at the Palace.
    Fantastic gardens and the Tudor Barn itself is a very decent bar and restaurant

  3. Check out all these places connected to the Tudors and Anne:

  4. Nice site. You have mentioned Erwarton church, but missed out Erwarton where she stayed and was visited by Henry VIII. People can find out more on a tour

  5. Don’t forget Grafton

    Church Warden

  6. Sylvia Gollan says:

    why is Erwarton hall not mentioned?

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