Non-Fiction Tudor Books

This is a list of non-fiction books about The Tudors and Tudor England that I have referred to when researching posts and articles for my site. I have also added some that I have not yet read but that I have heard good reviews about.

This is a work in progress, as I will be adding more books as they are published and will eventually briefly annotate the titles to give you an idea of what the books are about. My aim is to only add titles that I consider to be the best available. This is by no means an exhaustive list of sources on Tudor England.

Please keep in mind that there are always varying opinions on the quality and usefulness of books and this list simply reflects books that I have found useful and would like to share with you.

If you have read a book that you think should be included in this list please contact me.

Anne Boleyn

Fraser, Antonia. The Wives of Henry VIII, 1999.

Ives, E. The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn, 2004.

Loades, D. The Six Wives of Henry VIII, 2010.

Phillips, J.O (Contributor). Love Letters of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn, 2009.

Starkey, David. Six Wives, 2003.

Weir, A. The Lady in the Tower, 2009.

Weir, A. The Six Wives of Henry VIII, 1991.

Six Wives

Fraser, Antonia. The Wives of Henry VIII, 1999.

Loades, D. The Six Wives of Henry VIII, 2010.

Porter, L. Katherine the Queen, 2010.

Smith, L. B. Catherine Howard, 2010.

Starkey, David. Six Wives, 2003.

Weir, A. The Six Wives of Henry VIII, 1991.

Henry VIII & His Court

Doran, S and Starkey, D. Henry VIII: Man and Monarch, 2009.

Hutchinson, R. The Last Days of Henry VIII, 2005.

Phillips, J.O (Contributor). Love Letters of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn, 2009.

Ridley, J. Henry VIII, 2002.

Starkey, D. Henry: Virtuous Prince, 2008.

Weir, A. Henry VIII: King and Court, 2008.

Wilson, D. A Brief History of Henry VIII, 2009.

Mary, Elizabeth & Edward

Dunn, J. Elizabeth and Mary: Cousins, Rivals, Queens.

Hearsey, J. Elizabeth, 1969.

Loades, D. Mary Tudor: a life, 1989.

Starkey, D. Elizabeth: The Struggle for the Throne, 2001

Weir, A. The Children of Henry VIII, 2008.

Other Tudor Personalities

Childs, J. Henry VIII’s Last Victim, 2008.

Dunn, J. Elizabeth and Mary: Cousins, Rivals, Queens.

Hart, K. The Mistresses of Henry VIII, 2009.

Ives, E. Lady Jane Grey: A Tudor Mystery, 2009.

Schaeffer, C. Mary Queen of Scots, 2002.

Starkey, David (ed.). Rivals in Power: Lives and Letters of the great Tudor Dynasties.

Life in Tudor England

Doran, S. The Tudor Chronicles, 2008.

Guy, J. Tudor England, 1990.

Harrison, D. Tudor England: Volume 1 & 2.

Herbert, Norris. Tudor Costume and Fashion, 1997.

Jennings, A. Tudor and Stuart Gardens, 2005.

Loades, D. The Tudor Court, 1987.

Mikhaila, N. Tudor Tailor: reconstructing 16th century dress, 2006.

Sim, Alison. Food and Feast in Tudor England, 1997.

Sim, A. Pleasures and Pastimes in Tudor England, 1999.

Sim, A. The Tudor Housewife, 1996.

Siraisi, N. Medieval and Early Renaissance Medicine, 1990.

Williams, Penry. Life in Tudor England, 1964.

Life in Elizabethan England

Dodds, A.H. Life in Elizabethan England.

Royal Palaces & Guidebooks

Thurley, Simon Hampton Court Palace- Official Guidebook 1996.

Thurley, Simon. The Royal Palaces of Tudor England: Architecture and Court Life, 1993.

Thurley, Simon; Edward Impey and Peter Hammond The Tower of London – Official Guidebook, 1996.

General History of England

Bindoff, S.T. Pelican History of England, 1950.

Haunted England

Brooks, J.A. Britain’s Haunted Heritage, 1990.



  1. Thank you for this comprehensive list! I have added some to my ‘wish list’!

  2. About 6 months ago I saw a book about the Tower of England that listed the names of people who had been sent to the tower and the reason. I can’t find it now and don’t remember the exact name or author. Have you heard of it and if so, can you tell me the name of it? Thanks.

  3. Hello Pam,

    I found one called “The Tower of London Prisoner Book” written by a former Yeoman Warder of the Tower, Brian Harrison. It is a Complete Chronology of Persons Known to Have Been Detained at Their Majesties’ Pleasure 110-1941. Sounds fascinating although it is a little expensive. Here is the link:

    I also found an electronic book called ‘Prisoners of the Tower of London : being an account of some who at divers times lay captive within its walls (1901)’ and the best thing is you can read it online here:

    Hope this helps!

  4. Ms. Gomeric says:

    I must say that I am truly grateful for you having published this list. There here that you have listed that I had never heard of, and even authors that I have never heard of, and all of the ones that I haven’t already read or am in the process of reading have made it to my wish list and to-be-read list! I am, as some would say, obsessed with the Tudors, particularly Henry VIII, but they all fascinate me and any information on them is much appreciated. Thanks so much!

  5. The Other Tudors: Henry VIII’s Mistress and Bastards was a good book, too. Phillipa Jones is the author.

  6. I have a great desire to learn more about Henry’s mistress’s, particualarly Bess and Mary. I have read a couple of books, but would like to know if you might be willing to list a few books that might help. Thank you!

  7. Sandi Steinberg says:

    Please consider adding to Other Tudor Personalities:
    Winter King: Henry VII and the Dawn of Tudor England by Thomas Penn.and
    Leanda de Lisle’s The Sisters Who Would Be Queen: Mary, Katherine, and Lady Jane Grey: A Tudor Tragedy. The Grey sisters were Henry VIII’s great nieces. (2009)
    Linda Porter: Tudors Versus Stewarts: The Fatal Inheritance of Mary, Queen of Scots (2014)

    Under Six wives:
    Julia Fox: Sister Queens: the noble tragic lives of Katherine of Aragon and Juana, Queen of Castile and
    Giles Tremlett: Catherine of Aragon: Henry’s Spanish Queen

    For the entire Tudor family:
    Leanda de Lisle: Tudor: The Family Story (2013)

    I’;ve read all of these this summer

  8. Sandi Steinberg says:

    Sorry. I’ve read MOST of these books this summer (along with all of Game of Thrones published so far. Those remind me a great deal of the War of the Roses taken to a fantasy level.

    Linda Porter’s book is not quite as scholarly as the rest, but it’s a great read and very informative on Scotland, particularly important for Americans who generally learn about this period from the English point of view and ambitions. However, she gives some fun tables to help readers keep things straight: casts of characters including the mistresses and their offspring by various Stewart kings (who certainly did love the ladies!), and various members of Western European royalty and their primary statesmen, etc.

  9. Chloe hatcher says:

    these books sound good thanks for the list

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