Summer Progress

A Tudor Summer Progress

In this section you will be taken on a Tudor Summer Progress!

Well, maybe not physically but via one of On the Tudor Trail’s readers, Mike Glaeser.

He is allowing us to join him, in a cyber sense…, on an eight-day tour of England where he will visit many important Tudor sites. We will live vicariously through him, as he has kindly offered to update us from each location and provide us with pictures of his journey through Tudor England.

Our progress begins with a visit to Windsor Castle! From there Mike will guide us through the following locations and activities:

Day 1 – Windsor Castle & the Round Tower

Day 2 – Hampton Court Palace & The National Portrait Gallery

Day 3 – Hever Castle, St. Peter’s & St. Mary’s Church

Day 4 – King’s College Chapel & Trinity College Gatehouse

Day 5 – Eltham Palace and Chelsea Old Church

Day 6 -Tower of London, St. Dunstan’s, St. John’s, St. Bartholomew’s

How’s that for an itinerary!



  1. When researching ‘Mistress Blanche, Queen Elizabeth I’s Confidante’ and ‘Blanche Parry & Queen Elizabeth I’ (see article in biographies on LADY TROY) I checked out Elizabeth’s summer progresses. To my surprise I found that she only once crossed the River Severn – when her host’s deer park was on the west bank and she spent part of a day hunting there, before returning to his house on the east bank. All Queen Elizabeth’s summer progresses were in the south, south-east of England. Therefore, in the rest of the country, only those who travelled, or had seen portraits, really knew what she looked like – except for her picture on coins! Very different from today.

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