Praise for On the Tudor Trail

“On The Tudor Trail” was the first facebook page I became acquainted with when I joined the Tudor internet community. Natalie Grueninger was so gracious and generous! She immediately invited me to do a guest interview, helped spread the word about our page, and has been a source of support, advice, and information ever since. I know she’s done the same for others, too. Besides doing wonderful interviews and posts of her own, she truly helps make this a community!

Susan Bordo, author of The Creation of Anne Boleyn (forthcoming March 2013, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

When I had written and sold my novel The Crown, set in 1537, but was still months away from publication, Natalie learned of my book and the next thing I knew I was doing my first online interview. It was very exciting, and her questions were so insightful and knowledgeable. Her interview went right up on my new author website–I was thrilled that I could launch with it. Since then, Natalie has been a valued supporter of my books and my desire to depict a young novice’s life in the midst of the Dissolution of the Monasteries. She’s reviewed my book and encouraged me to write original content for On The Tudor Trail as well as share links and news. I think her site does a lot more than repackage obvious anniversaries and repeat observations we’ve all heard quite a bit. There are wonderful articles that go in depth and book reviews and conversations, all produced on one of the most attractive websites around. Natalie and I share a passion for Tudor England and I am very grateful that we found each other.

Nancy Bilyeau, author of The Crown, a Tudor-era religious thriller

The original articles often written by experts in the field of historical research have always been one of the most helpful features of the site, and there is always something fresh to learn.

Robert Parry, author of Virgin and the Crab and The Arrow Chest

As a lifelong Tudor lover I was delighted to stumble upon this wonderfully informative site. Natalie works really hard to bring us all this fresh and original content on a regular basis and I find it a great resource when I’m conducting my own research. It was also a great privilege to be asked to contribute with my own article about Anne Boleyn’s coronation procession. I’d like to wish On The Tudor Trail a very happy birthday – long may she continue!

Zoe Bramley, London History Walks

Just wanted to say congrats on the upcoming 3rd Anniversary of On The Tudor Trail! I must say it’s one of my favorite web sites that I look forward to pulling up every day. It’s informative and fun. I have been a Tudor history buff for many years, and I think it’s one of the best Tudor websites out there. I especially love the reviews and interviews with the authors of the books that come out about the Tudors. Thanks for all the hard work you put into the site – it’s very much appreciated by this Tudor buff!

Sincerely, Linda

I am delighted that On the Tudor Trail is celebrating its 3rd birthday! I follow it avidly to keep up with all things Tudor. I love their unwavering support for Tudor causes such as the Mary Rose fund and the National Portrait Gallery’s fund to restore their iconic portrait of Anne Boleyn. I’m not really sure I would have even heard of these worthy causes if it hadn’t been for On the Tudor Trail. But I did hear about them and contributed to both. I am also profoundly grateful to Natalie for giving me a forum to post some research I had one on the Mary Rose and for her support of the Tudor Ghost Story. Well done, Natalie! I hope your site is around for many more years!

Katherine Marcella

It has been a pleasure to watch On the Tudor Trail grow over the last three years. I remember when Natalie first began the site, and it has been amazing to see how it has grown. Of the many people I have met online, Natalie is one of the friendliest and the most genuinely helpful. She eagerly and cheerfully provides help to those who come to her for assistance, a rare quality to be found on the Internet. I anticipate that her joint project with Sarah Morris, ‘In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn’, will show the same dedication and care that she has devoted to her website. Here is to a happy three-year anniversary, with another three to follow!

Natalie Sweet, Research Assistant to Susan Bordo

On the Tudor Trail is my ‘Tudor quality time’ with yourself and other people, who I feel are as enthusiastic as I am about my favorite era. It’s a joy to follow your topics, photos and travels and to absorb your knowledge and research. It is especially good to know that you value your readers’ views and contributions. My time with On the Tudor Trail has left me with a long list of places to visit and an even longer list of books to read! It is the page I turn to for ‘me’ time. Thank you for all your hard work Natalie, it is much appreciated. You deserve a very happy 3rd Birthday and all the acclaim, I know will come your way when your book is published.

Best wishes for the future, Nora.

As a writer, reader, historian and long-time Tudor obsessive, I absolutely love On the Tudor Trail. The range of articles, the depth of knowledge displayed, the exploration of different facets of the Tudor age and the fascinating interviews with such a range of people working in the field combine to make this site a truly wonderful resource – as well as being terrifically entertaining. I return to this website again and again – and always enjoy it when I do. Thank you, Natalie, for all your excellent work! With all best wishes for the next 3 years – and beyond!

Harriet Castor, author of VIII

I’ve always seen my website as a shallow but broad overview of the whole Tudor period, which is why I so admire and appreciate the sites that drill down and go in-depth into one particular person or aspect of Tudor history. And Natalie has certainly done that with “On the Tudor Trail!” From interviews, guest articles, and original research, in three years Natalie has already done a wonderful job trying to reconstruct the life of the remarkable Anne Boleyn. Here’s to many more!

Lara Eakins,

I have been following On The Tudor Trail almost from the beginning. For me it is so much more than just a blog. It is an online resource, abundant with interesting facts about the Tudor age. It’s a place to relax and learn something new, to share information with like-minded people and to enjoy history being brought into the 21st century. I have come to count Natalie as a good friend, and it is with her inspiration and support that I hope to do more research and writing into this fascinating time in history, and it’s all thanks to discovering On The Tudor Trail.

Debbie Fenton

For the 3rd anniversary of, I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to express my gratitude and reflect on what this site means to all of us. This website is one of the great contributions to the Tudor community which exemplifies the outstanding group of people all over the world who are passionate about learning more about the Tudor family and keeping their legacy alive. The site started by Natalie has connected people all over from many varied walks of life to share in their unique backgrounds and their interest in Queen Anne, King Henry, Queen Elizabeth or any of the other Tudor family members or courtiers. I want to express personal thanks to Natalie for not only starting this site, but for her informative interviews, her book reviews, highlights of Tudor news articles and for providing a platform for all of us to share our love for the Tudors. Thank you Natalie so much for what you have done. You truly are quite an amazing lady and I’m proud to call you my friend.

Raven A. Nuckols, author of Had the Queen Lived: An Alternative History of Anne Boleyn

I don’t think I know anyone fascinated by Tudor history who doesn’t enjoy visiting On The Tudor Trail. It is a mine of useful information, not just about Anne Boleyn but about the whole Tudor era and I’ve happily nosed around its pages for hours – particularly in the Resources section, a misleadingly sedate name for what is a wonderfully esoteric range of articles, and among the wide-ranging author interviews. I think what makes the site special is Natalie’s deep knowledge of and obvious passion for the subject – and her enthusiasm for sharing it with so many people. It’s not easy to create – and then curate – a site like this, balancing sound historical information and insight while remaining essentially warm, open and welcoming, and more than anything, the site’s existence feels like a kind of generosity, which I sincerely hope we are worthy of. I’m certainly very grateful to Natalie for putting so much time and effort into making it what it is. So: many happy returns to On The Tudor Trail, and a well-deserved toast to Natalie on its birthday.

Mathew Lyons, author of The Favourite

Happy third birthday On the Tudor Trail! And congratulations to Natalie who has built up a fantastic, beautiful website dedicated to all things Tudors. Over the last three years the site has grown from strength to strength, providing readers with a feast of diverse and well-researched articles that not only focuses on the unforgettable Anne Boleyn, but also explores the fascinating period of Tudor England. I love this site!

Wendy J. Dunn, author of Dear Heart, How Like You This?

On The Tudor Trail…It’s said if you love history you never feel alone…well On the Tudor Trail is a place for those who love things Tudor to find themselves in good company. It’s where you can find a sense of the latest trends in Tudor history and comments upon them that are informative, readable and sometimes delightfully quirky. Anyone interested in Tudors will find something of interest on this…the Web’s cutting edge block of Tudor studies…

John Murphy, Tudor Historian and Writer

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  1. Gilly Owen says:

    On the Tudor Trail has been a source pleasure and delight for me, an almost life long Tudor history fan, since the happy day I discovered it.
    Congratulations Natalie. I thank you heartily for your hard work and dedication.
    Happy 3rd anniversary On the Tudor Trail, a truly excellent high quality achievement .

  2. Leanne Senn says:

    I am only a newbie to the Tudors…I knew who Henry VIII was and that he had all those wives but it wasn’t till recently (past year) that I have discovered that there is way more to him than what I thought, so basically what started with an interest in finding out more about Henry turned into an obsession to find out everything I can about that Dynasty..I have gone back to the beginning, the war of the roses and read about King Henry VII and am slowly making my way towards the end of the Tudors..I can’t get enough, can’t read enough and On The Tudor Trail ignites me whenever there is an update or interview..Thanks Natalie, YOU ROCK!!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment Leanne! I am so glad that you are enjoying the articles and posts and that they are fueling your love of Tudor history! I really couldn’t ask for more. Natalie

  3. Anne Barnhill says:

    I’d like to add my own accolades to On the Tudor Trail, which is of immense value to me as a writer and a Tudor obsessive. Natalie as well-informed, an expert researcher, and this is one of the very best websites on the web. Thank you for a job well-done!

  4. Mary Hawkes says:

    Like the look of the book

  5. Teresa Simon says:

    What a wonderful site this is. I am always finding new things to read about the Tudors. I have always wondered what it would be like to live in that time. I have always wanted to write about a time machine to go back to save Anne Boleyn and bring her back to this day to live out her life as it should have been with all the dignity and grace of the true Queen that she was. She left this world far too young and at the hands of Henry Viii. What a fantastic way to remember Anne Boleyn and to memorialize her. Thank you for making this time come alive again. Respectfully yours, Teresa

  6. Natalia Richards says:

    This is a fabulous site, and Natalie has been very generous in featuring my new book ‘Falcon’s Rise.’ I am hoping to set up my own website soon, and I can only hope that it is as attractive and informative as this. Thank you, Natalie! Yours, Natalia Richards.

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